Rhythm 108's Super Coconut Bar Review

So this is my first ever TSD blog post. I’m slowly working my way through posts over on my instagram page www.instagram.com/iozza but the restriction within Instagram is in the fact I can’t quite give the deep dive in information that I really want to give. This will give me that freedom.

Before I get in to things, I’m not a writer and there will be mistakes (bad ones too) so please do bare with me.


My first snack is from a company called Rhythm 108. Their whole thing is "Eat Real, Be Real", and I couldn't knock that, they aspire to bring quality and balance to the supermarkets and personally we need more companies like this breaking down doors and getting into our cupboards. I picked up the Super Coconut bar which is a Swiss Dark Chocolate with coconut and & oat filling from Sainsbury's earlier today.

Taste test: You're hit firstly with the dark chocolate, then out of nowhere there's a subtle crunch and fluff from the coconut interior. After a few more bites I was seriously feeling it and to think this is natural and organic is very impressive!

I’d highly recommend this to coconut lovers and to those looking for a natural lift.

Rating: 4/5

Can be bought here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rhythm-108-Gluten-Coconut-Chocolate/dp/B077BG37DN/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=rhythm+108&qid=1554930045&s=gateway&sr=8-4