Photography by @drebaglioni


Hi, i'm Osarenren Imuentinyan Okuonghae, as soon as you realise it’s near enough impossible to pronounce that right the first time call me Ozza instead, unless you’re Nigerian.
I'm a full-time digital designer, illustrator and icon designer residing in a tiny little village in Leicestershire, England.

One day when I was 16 years old, I bumped into a program called Adobe Photoshop. At that age your only concerns are trying to be cool and impressing people as much as possible, so I would photoshop pictures of myself in virtual worlds and unrealistic scenes, and soon i'd be doing the same for friends. Over time I became obsessed with using the various tools on offer and pushing my abilities and skills. What I have failed to mention is that I had no idea using this software, and being creative using it could be a career, as soon as I knew that, there was no looking back.

The point of this website is to showcase my creative work and house my ideas. It's here to give you a feel for what I do, what I enjoy, my creative process and my overall style.

My role as a designer is to simply to deliver a great service, whilst maintaining high quality design.