Photography by @drebaglioni


Hi, i'm Osarenren Imuentinyan Okuonghae if you get your tongue twisted just stick to Ozza.
I'm a full-time digital designer, illustrator and iconographer residing in Leicester, England.

One day when I was 16 years old, I bumped into a program called Adobe Photoshop. At that age you're only concerns are trying to be cool and impressing people as much as possible, so I would photoshop pictures of myself in virtual worlds and unrealistic scenes, and soon i'd be doing the same for friends. Over time I became obsessed with using the various tools and pushing my ability. What I have failed to mention is that I had no idea using this software, and being creative using it could be a career, as soon as I knew that, I didn't look back.

The point of this website is to showcase my creative work and house my ideas. It's here to give you a feel for what I do, what I enjoy, my creative process and my overall style.

My role as a designer is to simply get the job done whilst building great relationships and creating work that not only makes me proud to create but to give people as much value  as possible. My concern lies in delivering a great service, whilst maintaining good quality design.